Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1: Identify and explore the talents of students for professional orientation

PE02:Provide Confidence Building Measures (CBM’s) and to transform students as effective professionals

PEO3: Develop professional skill sets and attributes in students for making their endeavours successful and elevated

PEO4: Providing professionally sustainable platform for students through experiential learning and making them proactively adaptable for the rapidly changing environment

PEO5: Evolving the educational foundation as the professional platform for competitive advantage, sustainability and excellence

Programme Outcomes (PO)

PO1: An ability to derive conceptual learning through simulative exercises and to authenticate these learnings for taking professional decisions

PO2: An ability to understand the problem and to develop the contentions forthe changes in a dynamic business environment

PO3: An ability to articulate and evolve significant attributes for the makingof a team

PO4: An ability to assess a problem and to use the appropriate managerial skill sets for addressing the problem

PO4: An ability to identify and benchmark ethical issues and making them recognised in organizational settings

PO5: An ability to lift and recognise the status of commitment, dedication and integrity within self and for integrated perfection

PO6: An ability to associate and deeply prove communication as effective and cohesively transparent

PO7: An ability to substantiate the usage of information and knowledge for personal progress, professional quality and social interactions

PO8: An ability to become part and parcel of all necessary and relevant social process

PO9: An ability to utilise managerial skills proactively and practically for operational, tactical and strategic aspects

PO10: An ability to compete with assertiveness and to prove individually good and worthy for the profile matching organisation

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

PSO1: Students should prove, demonstrate and competitively excel basic management principles on a functional professional platform

PSO2: Students should articulate, demonstrate and prove their thoughts and problem solving skills as very critical for strategic managerial decisions

PSO3: Students should manifest and prove their leadership qualities for taking up critical assignments and significant elevated positions

PSO4: Students should recognise themselves as self-worth and highly valuable for organisational sustenance

PSO5: Students should be capable of making themselves valuable, responsible and accountable for all strategic positions ahead in their professional career

PSO6: Students should prove their ability as highly recognisable in the ever changing dynamic environment

PS07: Students should make themselves individually competitive in their functional interest areas and prove themselves very effective by integrating it