Monti International Institute of Management Studies is offering a regular Master of Business Administration (MBA), approved by the AICTE and affiliated to University of Calicut. The programme is of two years duration and offers specialization in Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Financial Management. Master of Business Administration (MBA) has the following key learning objectives, which are integrated in the curriculum and pedagogy. These objectives help in providing a holistic learning experience and strategic perspectives to the students.

Following are the learning goals

Interpersonal Awareness and Working in Teams

Each student shall demonstrate work effectiveness in a team, and also exhibits behaviour that credits an understanding of the importance of individual roles and tasks, and thereby the ability to manage conflict and compromise, so that team goals are achieved. Thus the fact of decisions are honoured through the representation of a team

Critical Analysis, Integrated Thinking and Professional Assessment

Each student shall be able to identify key issues in a business setting and help in developing a perspective that is supported with relevant information and integrative thinking. This the student to graduate to a status of critical analysis and helps to draw and assess conclusions.

Awareness of Local, Regional, National and Global Issues affecting Business

Each student shall be able to identify key relevant local, regional, national and global factors. This helps them to analyse the impact of each environment on business issues,

Effective Oral Communication

Each student shall be able to communicate verbally in an organised, clear, and persuasive manner, and be a responsive listener.

Self Value and Ethical Responsibility

Assessment of Self and proving values will be an explicit task and fact of accountability. Each student shall be able to identify ethical issues, understand the impact of a particular issue on various stakeholders, and become ethically responsible business managers that positively impact businesses and society today.

Brief of Schedule of the Program

The programme shall have four semesters. Each semester shall consist of 16 weeks. Instruction and University examinations in each course in a semester shall be completed within 90 days in a semester

* However, the University has the right to change these schedules according to circumstances.