Poovili 2k19

Onam brings together a multitude of colours and flavours from across God’s Own Country, and the celebrations reach their apex on the auspicious day of Thiruvonam. Onam commemorates the return of a mythical, righteous king – King Mahabali and brings together communities across the landscape in unified revelry that is unheard of across the planet. Households are adorned with exquisite floral carpets (Pookkalam), traditional art forms and games are seen everywhere and homes are cleaned and impeccably maintained. One can see elaborate sumptuous feasts (Onasadya) served in every single home, with the feast ending with delicious payasam (Kerala dessert), which ensures that the message of oneness and hope is spread far and wide.

MIIMS celebrated Poovili 2k19 on 7th September. The function was inaugurated by Rev.Fr.Jose Parayil in the presence of other coveted members of CFIC. The entire campus was filled with filled with colour and joy. Various competitions were conducted for students and faculty. Some of the highlights of this day were “Pookkalam”, “Thiruvathirakali”,”Uri Adi”, “Panja Gusthi”, “Vadam Vali” and last but not the least the “Sadya”.