Employability Enhancement And Development Centre (EEDC) Policy 


The prime task of the EEDC is to evolve, build and develop a perspective for a livelihood and for a conscious improvement.

The guidelines will guide and facilitate in the creation and operation of the Employability Enhancement and Development Centre (EEDC). The formal operations of the EEDC are the first step for formal internalization and institutionalization of quality enhancement initiatives. The status counts on the implicit drive and energy a person can evolve and promote life quality as a practice. The system needs to have great interfaces thus to enhance the scope of belongingness and understanding. It will not be a hierarchical structure or a record-keeping exercise in the institution. The whole framework will materialize comprehensively in devising plans for quality enhancement, sustenance and appreciation among the formal partners.

EEDC will provide the impetus for graduating a youngster for being employable.


EEDC has evolved mechanisms and procedures for

a)   Qualitative sustenance

b)  Making learning attain a shift from conventions

c) Attain the flair of interests for all sections of people

d) Effective utilisation of practical learning insights and for making quality of advanced career interface

e) Full utilisation, and maintenance of all resource supports to ensure absolute service

g) Expanding the horizons of learning through exchange of resources, intellects and understandings


Some of the functions expected of the EEDC are:

  1. Utility of quality parameters for learning and administrative interface
  2. Making participatory process as an effective tool for qualitative sustenance of desired set result outcomes
  3. Using the feedbacks of different stake holders for improvement consistently
  4. Effective documentation of all programmes (being conducted and to be conducted) and to make the information’s retrievable when required
  5. Making the art of Quality Culture


EEDC will facilitate / contribute

  1. Appreciated level of clarity and focus in functioning towards quality enhancement and individual development
  2. To evolve quality culture and for involving learning as a standard of existence in cohesiveness with society
  3. c) Implicit improvement and enhancement of best practices
  4. d) For effective methodology of documentation and internal communication.


  • To enhance the employability of aspirant youth
  • To fulfill the need for skilled manpower across various industrial sectors
  • To provide an elevated platform for social transformation