Director’s Message

Dr Jensmon George

The school of thought articulated and missionized by Father Luigi Maria Monti has been on modeling learning as a simulated perspective for the needy. Hopes for the needy evolve on the scenario of proving transformation of every individual’s livelihood pattern. This emanates the fact of representing transformation as the status quo to progress. “Graduation Next” is a benchmark for leveraging the career trajectory of an individual. Kindness of nature and grace of the supreme provides the fact representation for human beings to think, act and add value for every personal, professional and social requirement. Individuals initiate for valuable work ethics, interdependent team interface and progressive interventions. On the other hand, an institutional body structures for a cause to be addressed. The bondage of an individual’s devotion and integrity for this cause paves the way for an intervention.


This institutional body subscribes for creating a “Value by itself” in an individual through effective, efficient and strategic means. This naturally imbibes the requirement of empowerment and enrichment. Richness henceforth has to be even and should pursue consistent means for evolving a perfect system, where the team becomes embedded and interdependent. This institutional edifice integrated with the nuances of system proves competitively placed in the hearts of an individual. It evolves and manifests this learning platform as the “Garden of Hearts”. Social space requires a perfect understanding in the minds of the desired and this has been the thrust status for this business school. The graduating lot of this learning hub will have a high interest to contemplate MBA as Management by Awareness through this resource build up. This will integrate formally in maintaining the trust for professional focus.


Each student comes to Monti International Institute of Management Studies with a hope to elevate his / her livelihood through professional transformation. We are sure that each student’s independent desire will integrate with the culture and values and provide the mileage of hope to compete with an advantage and to progress.


Prove your mettle and advance your career, through the desired transformation.